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Our Ethical Approach

Ethical conduct guides us in our day-to-day activity at the Company.

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Our Code of Ethics is based on our vision and values and is our “compass” for the appropriate behavior that is expected of all Group employees. The code brings together all of the standards, ethics, ties and relations between us and all of our stakeholders, and the importance of contributing to the community and social and environmental responsibility. It is intended to instill, establish and strengthen behavioral norms. The code was written in 2010 and updated in 2018.

We encourage the employees to talk with their supervisors or with any other appropriate staff member about unethical conduct, and irregular cases may also be reported directly to the CEO. Aside from voluntary reporting on grey-area cases, any employee who is exposed to behavior which violates or is inconsistent with the code is obligated to report it, either anonymously or non-anonymously.

The “Whistleblowers” procedure provides reporting methods for any employee wishing to complain, whether anonymously or non-anonymously. In addition, as part of the annual training day, training sessions are held on the issue of ethics at the Company with an emphasis on the possibility of reporting any ethical dilemma or violation observed by the employees.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The U.N Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established as a global agenda, such that their achievement by 2030 would lead to the long-term thriving of society and the economy within a stable ecological environment. In accordance with our ESG approach, we have placed an emphasis on the SDGs in our decision-making and ongoing operations. This project relates to the following SDGs:

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