Danna Azrieli


Danna Azrieli has served in the position of active chairwoman of the Azrieli Group since 2014, and has also been a member of the Board of Directors since the Company’s IPO in 2010. Danna has been active in the world of real estate since 1995, and leads the Company in its strategic operations in Israel and overseas.

Since taking office as chairwoman of the Group, Danna has worked to diversify the Group’s operations and to introduce a number of new areas to its core business, including senior housing, data centers, long-term residential rentals, hotels, and the omni-channel.

Danna’s work and success as chairwoman can be credited to her strategic approach of making the customer experience the focus of the Group’s business centers, shopping malls, offices and senior homes. In line with this approach, the Azrieli properties include inviting green spaces and common areas where visitors can enjoy quality leisure time.

Danna has also put a strong focus on the planning and design of the Group’s properties, working hand in hand with leading architects in Israel and overseas, in order to maintain the high design standard of the Azrieli Group properties. The innovative Spiral Tower, which is adjacent to the landmark Azrieli Center and whose construction is planned to be completed in 2026, will continue the Azrieli tradition of defining the Tel Aviv skyline, like the Sarona Tower which was completed in 2015.

In various interviews she has given, Danna has explained that her worldview is defined by pro-Israel, Jewish, and liberal values. As such, Danna promotes and implements her values in everything she does, and therefore such values also lie at the core of the Azrieli Group. In 2021, Danna undertook to endeavor for the Azrieli Group to reduce the amount of landfill waste disposed of by the Azrieli shopping malls by 50%. The Group is committed to the environment, and continues to invest heavily in designing and constructing sustainable green buildings to LEED gold and platinum standards.

Along with her position as chairwoman of the Group, Danna also serves as chairwoman of the Azrieli Foundation Israel (R.A.) and as a member of the board of the Azrieli Foundation Canada, two philanthropic foundations which provide significant financial support to hospitals and research institutes, educational bodies fighting addiction, Jewish and pluralistic education, teacher training programs, vocational training, women’s empowerment, assistance for Holocaust survivors, and more. In addition to such philanthropic foundations, Danna is on the boards of other companies and NPOs.

Danna moved to Israel in 2000, where she met her Australian-born husband Danny Hakim. They have two daughters. She is the youngest of the four children of Stephanie Azrieli and the late David Azrieli.

Danna trained as a lawyer, and holds a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Swarthmore College and a J.D. from Vermont Law School.

She is a member of both the Massachusetts and Israel Bars.

Danna is the author of the book “One Step Ahead” (1999), telling the story of the journey of her father’s escape from Nazi-occupied Poland until his arrival in Israel. The book was published by Yad Vashem as part of its Korczyk series.