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Information Security and Privacy

Placing Great Importance on the Protection of Information

We place great importance on the protection of information, supervision and enforcement of protection of privacy and information security – for the Group, our employees, customers and business partners. As a public company we are subject to all ISOX and ITGC provisions, including in terms of cyber and information security, which includes authorizations, management of sensitive information, documentation, supplier access to information, cyberattacks, etc. In addition to the regulation to which we are subject, we follow internal information security procedures for engagements with suppliers and business partners. Once every eighteen months, penetration tests and security surveys are carried out by an external company. Due to a different infrastructure configuration to ensure security and separation of systems, cybersecurity reviews are carried out for the Company’s control systems on an individual basis. In addition, our procedures require every new employee to undergo training and to sign an undertaking to maintain confidentiality and information security. The procedures for reporting of information security incidents are known and circulated to the employees. Any suspected incident is reported to the relevant functions and investigated accordingly. As part of our strategy to enhance information security at the organization and to adapt the organization to the global cyber climate, we upgrade our Infrastructure and core systems at the organization, while implementing standard security practices and adjusting to the new climate. we completed the transfer of all of the organization’s ongoing backup to the cloud to guarantee business continuity and survivability in the event of a disaster and in early 2022, we installed a ransomware detection system which is capable of detecting all threats and is supported by EDR.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The U.N Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established as a global agenda, such that their achievement by 2030 would lead to the long-term thriving of society and the economy within a stable ecological environment. In accordance with our ESG approach, we have placed an emphasis on the SDGs in our decision-making and ongoing operations. This project relates to the following SDGs:

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